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I can highly recommend Max and his team from Cortina Paragon for excellent service and a great overall experience! Top notch indeed! I was looking around to purchase some time pieces and was introduced to Max a while back. He was patient in letting my wife and I try the different time pieces and very knowledgeable in answering all our questions! As the watches we wanted were not available initially, he helped to register our interest quickly and fuss free and the whole process took a matter of minutes. Fast forward to today and our watches were ready for collection which was an extremely straightforward but at the same time detailed process! Kudos to the team for making the start of our watch collection journey to be so seamless and more importantly, an early Christmas gift for us! Will definitely be continuing my watch journey with Max and his team and looking forward to pick up the next piece soon!
Matthew Tan, Paragon 01/02/2023
A very Big Thank You to the helpful and knowledgeable team in Cortina Paragon store, especially Nicole and Store Manager for your time and assistance in getting my Rolex watches perfect for wear. Looking forward to getting more beautiful watches from your store!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Gamer Ace, Paragon 02/02/2023
We have been visiting Cortina at Paragon for a few years and have always had an excellent experience with Kevin. Kevin has a wealth of knowledge across the many watch brands Cortina carries and is always happy to take us around to share the history and icons of the different brands. He is always patient and happy to let us try on various timepieces, and his friendliness and sincerity makes every visit, regardless if we bought a watch or not, extremely pleasant. Really appreciate his outstanding service and look forward to more visits in the future!
HL, Paragon 03/02/2023
I would like to thank Customer Relation Consultant Ms Chloris and her colleagues too for the warm smiles. Ms Chloris was knowledgeable and her warm hospitality at Cortina Paragon makes me feel great and definitely a positive experience. She was very attentive and patient to recommend and show me the few watches that I was interested in. I almost felt that she's a friend who could shared about watches to me. Thank you Cortina Paragon Team and Ms Chloris for the positive experience. Will surely be a return customer soon.
Apollo Detonator, Paragon 04/02/2023
Impeccable service from Jie Ren from Cortina Paragon. Registered my interest a year ago… and thru the year, Jie Ren have always remembered my request, down to the very detail… patiently searching for the right DJ for me… he’s detailed, very dedicated and extremely patient with me…. I finally found the everose DJ that I really love! I must admit I was really fussy and choosy about having the right config. :) I also love the nice and comfortable vibes about Cortina Watch boutique at Paragon … makes me just wanna keep visiting. Thank you. Especially to Jie Ren!
Clar Eng, Paragon 05/02/2023
Special thanks to Ms. Claudia for the unforgettable experience and education on these beautiful watches. She was absolutely patient whilst sharing the functions of the watches, and her service was top notched without prejudice.
Darryl Ang, Raffles City 06/02/2023
Exemplary service and attention to details by Jason. Jason's high knowledge about watches helped in giving me good purchasing advice for different brands and timepieces. Definitely highly recommended for all sorts of customers - be it new buyers or seasoned watch collectors , i am very sure Jason will be able to value add in all ways. Looking forward to build my long lasting profile with Cortina via Jason going forward.
Swenson Chen, Raffles City 07/02/2023
Charlie was fantastic. He is passionate on what he does. Customer service was beyond satisfactory and I had a great time. Well done! I will definitely return.
David Seto, Raffles City 08/02/2023
Got my Black Bay 58 from the Tudor boutique on 19th May. Visited the place about 2 months ago and had the pleasure of being assisted by Jenson. Although they didn’t have the stock then, he helped me try on the display units which helped me decide on which Black Bay to get. Messaged him just 2 days ago to check and was lucky enough to get a confirmation that there was a unit available. At the store I was assisted by Simon with my purchase, which was also a pleasant experience. Thanks to Jenson and Simon for arranging. 👍🏻
Alejandro Gali, Raffles City 09/02/2023
I went there with my wife, and Mr Marcus Goh hosted us. We have such a pleasant experience. Marcus spent time going through the watch's details and history with us. He also let us try some new pieces. In addition, he patiently answered all my queries. The boutique at Raffles City is very comfortable and has many watches on display. We will definitely drop by there again whenever we are free. Thanks for making us feel so welcome.
J T, Raffles City 10/02/2023
Very good hospitality from the staff and authentic items
Shafiq Zafri, Capitol 11/02/2023
Excellent product & service.
Suraya Hussain Mohamad, Capitol 12/02/2023
Very Friendly and informative staffs, where I had a very pleasant experience there while browsing for a new watch.
Veron Chia, Capitol 13/02/2023
Nice boutique shop environment. Really put in standard as high end shop and the service of the staff reassures that we are welcomed here.
Ikmal Hakim, Capitol 14/02/2023
The best place to find a gift for your loved one Exclusive and charming.
narulhaizat wan, Capitol 15/02/2023
Introduced by a friend to drop by at this branch after knowing that there were few new pieces of Tudor watches arrived. I was served by Han Yang, whom is very knowledgeable and friendly person. He let me try on those watches and have an extensive details sharing with me, also give the opinions on which timepiece is recommended and suitable for me. Eventually I got a Tudor Black Bay with matt blue bezel piece, it's very classy and elegant. I like it so much! 🤩 After bought, I have done few times of bracelets adjustment in few different days until I got my comfortable size, Han Yang is still serving me patiently to make sure the bracelet is really well fit to my wrist. Thank you Han Yang and the team of Cortina Watch Mandarin Gallery once again for the remarkable purchase experience. Highly recommend to look for Han Yang if you’re interested to expand your watch collection! ThumbsUp! 👍
Calvin Goh, Mandarin Gallery 16/02/2023
Had an awesome purchase experience with Jeremy here. He was one of the rare sales personnel who really followed up with the registered interest that I’ve submitted through Cortina webpage. I ever got couple of calls from him along the year for interested timepiece. And finally, I got to see the Tudor BB White Panda 🐼 in real pieces and not to say that I owned it now! What a beautiful piece! Besides, he did not hesitate to bring out some other newly arrived popular timepieces for me to try on and have an extensive details sharing with me on each. Thank you Jeremy and the team of Cortina Watch Mandarin Gallery once again for the remarkable purchase experience. Highly recommend to look for Jeremy if you’re interested to expand your watch collection!
Chris Siow, Mandarin Gallery 17/02/2023
Just want to give a shout-out to Jeremy for providing great service over the year. An awesome and sincere person to speak to on your horology journey. He keeps you in mind and provides updates to the prospective watches that you are looking for. I have just recently gotten my BB58 through Jeremy. My first being the Seamaster 300M. Strongly recommend potential clients to look for him for your next timepiece!
Jeffrey Lian, Mandarin Gallery 18/02/2023
I was served by HanYang and my experience was indeed extremely fruitful. This would be my second dealing with him and I couldn’t have been any more satisfied
soccer boy, Mandarin Gallery 19/02/2023
This was my 2nd purchase from Cortina and my sales advisor Han Yang was absolutely the best! His knowledge on different brands and models is really impressive and he is very friendly and polite. I like to take a look at many different pieces when I visit and Han Yang is always happy to assist. Already looking forward to my next purchase!
Aaron Yew, Mandarin Gallery 20/02/2023